Chris Duggan

Chris trained as a Biochemist at Massey University and taught secondary school science, biology and chemistry for 15 years in the Bay of Plenty. Throughout her teaching career Chris had a growing sense of concern about the lack of science knowledge students had when arriving at high school. When she read an E.R.O. report in 2013 that stated over 70% of NZ's primary and intermediate schools lack an effective science programme, she decided something needed to be done. She left her middle management and teaching role mid 2013 and the rest - as they say - is history.

Chris now leads a small but effective team that have found a way to get great science into primary classrooms on a regular basis. They develop bi-lingual science resource kits, assemble these kits to send all over the country, train new staff and support the growing number of regions establishing their own House of Science trusts.

The House of Science was established as a Tauranga initiative to service schools in the Western Bay of Plenty. Local success drove demand from other areas of the country and saw the need for a national body to manage the expansion. The last 18 months has been a period of significant growth.

There are now 11 branches around the North Island servicing over 300 schools. The branches deliver, collect and re-stock the kits before giving it to the next school that has booked it. Essentially it is a science resource library. This enables high quality resources to be shared among a large number of schools in the community and ensures the kits are maintained at a high standard. over 10,000 students a week use the resources developed by the organisation.



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