Carla McNeil

As an experienced and respected past principal, mathematics advisor, classroom teacher and parent of a Dyslexic teenager, Carla McNeil has not only asked herself “what can I do for these students?” She now knows why, how and what this looks like. A thought leader in the implementation of evidence based teaching and learning for dyslexic and dyscalculic students. Leading schools strategically to achieve excellence and equity for all is what Carla does and does well.

Carla has extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation of evidence-based approaches and in facilitating through transformational change in the education system. Receiving acknowledgment from the Minister of Education, presenting at various conferences both in New Zealand and Australia, attending the International Dyslexia Association conference, and gaining approval as an approved institution by the New Zealand Education Council, are a handful of her recent highlights.

Learning Matters Ltd vision is to grow and influence the Awareness, Understanding, Empathy and evidence-based Actions for all stakeholders. Described by many as being “Inspirational, Empowering, Motivational and Knowledgeable.” Carla is the ideal thought leader to work alongside you and your team.



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