Lisa Smith

Lisa is an accredited facilitator, and an experienced teacher and leader. Over the past 10 years Lisa has developed a real passion for strengthening teacher knowledge about ‘the code’. She enjoys the privilege of working alongside teachers as they make sense of the way we use 26 letters to spell 43+ sounds - knowledge essential for teaching both encoding (spelling) and decoding (reading). Having recent classroom experience, Lisa develops learning approaches and resources that are hands-on, active, and engaging. Putting the jargon aside and supporting teachers and learners to have confidence that the English language DOES make sense is what it is all about. With an understanding of the way language works and the progression of learning from phonological (sound) awareness - through sound-letter relationships - the position of sounds - patterns - meaning - and the history of the English language - teachers are empowered to make effective instructional choices for their learners. Seed Learning resources created by Lisa, including 'Genius Cards' for learners in Years 1-8, are now used widely in primary schools across New Zealand, supporting a generation of learners in building strong understandings about the English language.



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