Mark Treadwell

Mark is an independent education consultant and has presented keynote addresses to over 130 national and international conferences since 2007, including the International Confederation of Principals (2007) … Over the past 12 years, Mark transitioned his work to focus on the transitions required to transform education systems globally that have not changed significantly since the 1700's… until now. The demand for change comes from our workplaces and social processes that are both evolving dramatically. For three centuries, 60-80% of people worked in factories and lived stereotyped and community framed lives. In 2020 our work and social places focus on us being adaptive to continually changing demands by society. Many of our workplaces focus on marketing, innovation, ingenuity and entrepreneurship! We have left the factory to look after itself, and as a result we must now prepare young people for the complexity that the world is demanding of us all!



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