Bek Galloway

Bek loves teaching and learning!  She always has, and always will!  After 16 years in the classroom, she is now working full time as an Education Facilitator working with Kāhui Ako and schools to help them in their journey to empower their learners with agency; engage their learners in deep thinking and inquiry; and excite their learners in a personalised, future focused programme and space.  Bek regularly facilitate courses, staff meetings and teacher only days and a key part of her work is coaching teachers individually and in collaborative teams. Bek prides herself on providing relevant, practical ideas so teachers can create students who love learning, and have the dispositions, skills, knowledge and understanding to thrive in tomorrow’s world.   

Highlights of Bek's career so far include the following:

    • Awarded the Haben’s Prize for Excellence in Education - University of Canterbury
    • Being one of four recipients of the NEITA Regional Excellence in Teaching Award
    • ‘Cluster Facilitator' for 4 years with 10 schools focused on thinking & inquiry
    • Presenter at 2 International Conferences on Thinking - in Kuala Lumpur and Belfast which included being part of a keynote presentation
    • Achieved both the "Certified Coach" & "Accredited Teacher of Critical and Creative Thinking Skills” Awards through the National Centre for Teaching Thinking USA.

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