Anjela Webster

Anjela Webster is the founder of Generation Online, and brings knowledge and experience as an Education Advisor, leader, teacher (NZ registered), and researcher in the work around the ‘online’ space and digital technologies.

Anjela worked for three plus years as an Education Advisor with Netsafe. Her role involved supporting schools and Kura around incident response and planning proactive initiatives, and working with organisations and stakeholders including the MoE, NZSTA, PPTA, NZEI, Police (SCO’s), Oranga Tamariki, DHBs, DIA, Refugee and ESOL groups, Waikato University, Wellbeing clusters, NZAIMS, Kahui Ako events, and conferences.

Anjela also works alongside Digital Circus, a MoE PLD provider, and with who are a Cybersecurity company.



Arletta Van Den Bosch

Arletta is a Family Consultant at Children's Autism Foundation who works daily with children on the Autism Spectrum, their families, whanau, caregivers, teachers and support workers. She is also a key facilitator of the Foundation's professional development programme for teachers (ASK - Autism Spectrum Knowledge), delivered to schools across the Auckland region. Arletta has a 15year background in social work and in foster care. She has a Masters Degree in Autism Studies and also has a private practice as a child & family counsellor.



Bek Galloway

Bek loves teaching and learning!  She always has, and always will!  After 16 years in the classroom, she is now working full time as an Education Facilitator working with Kāhui Ako and schools to help them in their journey to empower their learners with agency; engage their learners in deep thinking and inquiry; and excite their learners in a personalised, future focused programme and space.  Bek regularly facilitate courses, staff meetings and teacher only days and a key part of her work is coaching teachers individually and in collaborative teams. Bek prides herself on providing relevant, practical ideas so teachers can create students who love learning, and have the dispositions, skills, knowledge and understanding to thrive in tomorrow’s world.   

Highlights of Bek's career so far include the following:

    • Awarded the Haben’s Prize for Excellence in Education - University of Canterbury
    • Being one of four recipients of the NEITA Regional Excellence in Teaching Award
    • ‘Cluster Facilitator' for 4 years with 10 schools focused on thinking & inquiry
    • Presenter at 2 International Conferences on Thinking - in Kuala Lumpur and Belfast which included being part of a keynote presentation
    • Achieved both the "Certified Coach" & "Accredited Teacher of Critical and Creative Thinking Skills” Awards through the National Centre for Teaching Thinking USA.

Bernie Wills

Currently at Wellington High School teaching the Te Ara Pāngarau maths course. Recipient of a Bright Spots Award for innovative practice in 2018.

Previously Assistant HoLA Maths at Hutt Valley High School, developed and taught the Pāngarau Waenganui - Middle Maths course.

Gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Practice - Digital and Collaborative Learning from Unitec and completed the Core Education Modern Learning Assessment course.



Carla McNeil

As an experienced and respected past principal, mathematics advisor, classroom teacher and parent of a Dyslexic teenager, Carla McNeil has not only asked herself “what can I do for these students?” She now knows why, how and what this looks like. A thought leader in the implementation of evidence based teaching and learning for dyslexic and dyscalculic students. Leading schools strategically to achieve excellence and equity for all is what Carla does and does well.

Carla has extensive knowledge and experience in the implementation of evidence-based approaches and in facilitating through transformational change in the education system. Receiving acknowledgment from the Minister of Education, presenting at various conferences both in New Zealand and Australia, attending the International Dyslexia Association conference, and gaining approval as an approved institution by the New Zealand Education Council, are a handful of her recent highlights.

Learning Matters Ltd vision is to grow and influence the Awareness, Understanding, Empathy and evidence-based Actions for all stakeholders. Described by many as being “Inspirational, Empowering, Motivational and Knowledgeable.” Carla is the ideal thought leader to work alongside you and your team.



Catherine Campbell

Catherine has over 20 years experience as a Speech and Language Therapist and has specialised in the topic of oral language. She is the founder and clinician at, a specialist speech language therapy service for helping children talk and helping teachers to help children talk and think. She also works for the Nelson Tasman Kindergarten Association to ensure early childhood programmes are delivered with evidenced based speech language expertise. She is a frequent guest speaker on the topic of oral language and has written for the local newspaper to promote communication and education in the community.



Cheryl Doig

Dr Cheryl Doig is a leadership futurist who sees exponential technologies as an opportunity to amplify human characteristics. She loves challenging organisations to think differently in order to adapt to a rapidly changing and complex world.

Cheryl has a diverse background underpinned by learning and leadership. She sees things as systems and networks and consequently is more likely to introduce you to ideas outside your own silo or industry.

Cheryl’s strengths lie in adaptive leadership, design thinking, exponential change and complexity. She considers herself a social activist with the ability to drive collective impact using her innate ability to build networks.



Chris Duggan

Chris trained as a Biochemist at Massey University and taught secondary school science, biology and chemistry for 15 years in the Bay of Plenty. Throughout her teaching career Chris had a growing sense of concern about the lack of science knowledge students had when arriving at high school. When she read an E.R.O. report in 2013 that stated over 70% of NZ's primary and intermediate schools lack an effective science programme, she decided something needed to be done. She left her middle management and teaching role mid 2013 and the rest - as they say - is history.

Chris now leads a small but effective team that have found a way to get great science into primary classrooms on a regular basis. They develop bi-lingual science resource kits, assemble these kits to send all over the country, train new staff and support the growing number of regions establishing their own House of Science trusts.

The House of Science was established as a Tauranga initiative to service schools in the Western Bay of Plenty. Local success drove demand from other areas of the country and saw the need for a national body to manage the expansion. The last 18 months has been a period of significant growth.

There are now 11 branches around the North Island servicing over 300 schools. The branches deliver, collect and re-stock the kits before giving it to the next school that has booked it. Essentially it is a science resource library. This enables high quality resources to be shared among a large number of schools in the community and ensures the kits are maintained at a high standard. over 10,000 students a week use the resources developed by the organisation.



Debbie Garea

Debbie Garea is the Fundamental Movement Skills Advisor at Sport Bay of Plenty. She oversees the GO4it Programme in 40 Schools in the Bay of Plenty. Previous to this she was a Lecturer at the Department of Sport, Unitec in Auckland where she taught papers in human development, sport coaching, leadership and skill acquisition. Debbie has presented at the World Physical Education Conference in Finland and a number of NZ Physical Education Conferences, both in the area of fundamental movement skills, teaching games for understanding and leadership for primary school students. Debbie has written the year 5-8 Olympic and Commonwealth Games resources with another colleague for the NZOC. Debbie has a 6 year old daughter at Mount Maunganui Primary school and much of her learnings have derived from taking a year of Junior Physical Education Sessions at this school. In her spare time she plays Prem Womens tennis and has a number of senior tennis titles in the Bay of Plenty.



Fia Collins

Fia is a diversity and inclusion specialist; engaging facilitator and an exceptional event manager. Most recently in her role as Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Diversity Works New Zealand, she delivered national presentations on unconscious bias, gender equity, youth enablement and cultural responsiveness.

Of Samoan heritage, born and raised in Ranui, West Auckland, she is a trained secondary school teacher with experience in the public and not-for-profit sector. Having mentored many young women she continues to work closely with a number of community organisations.


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