How PepTalks works

Step 1

Find the right webinar

Search or browse our growing catalogue of professional development webinars for teachers. New webinars are added weekly! Join a live webinar and be part of the conversation or catch up later and watch on demand – it’s up to you!

Step 2

Save my spot!

Once you’ve made your choice you’ll need to register for the webinar. Don’t forget to add any additional attendees such as other teachers or support staff from your school. Each person registered will get their own webinar invite, handouts, and personalised certificate of attendance.

Step 3

Join the webinar

Once you’ve registered and payment is complete you will receive a confirmation email that includes specific information on how to join. When the webinar is about to begin, use that information to get into the session!

Step 4

Watch when you like

Can’t make the live webinar? No problem! Register anyway, as all registrants will automatically receive a recording after the event. This recording link is valid for 7 days.

Pep Talks FAQ

Teacher professional development is made easy with PepTalks

Frequently asked questions

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a “web seminar”. They stream over the internet and a PepTalks webinar typically lasts an hour of which 45 – 50 minutes is the presentation with the last 10 – 15 minutes for questions.

How do I register more than one person for a webinar?

You can register multiple attendees for a webinar by clicking on the “add attendee link” on the registration screen. Make sure you enter the correct details for each attendee!

Each person registered will get their own webinar invite, handouts, and personalised certificate of attendance (live webinars only).

What do I do if we lose my link to attend?

It happens! Simply email info@peptalks.co.nz and we’ll send you a new one.

How do I join the webinar?

We will email you a webinar reminder on the day of the webinar. Simply click that link and follow the instructions. The link will clearly be labeled, “Join Webinar.”

Can I ask questions in a webinar?

Yes absolutely! In a live webinar you will be able to ask questions at the end. We set aside about 10 -15 minutes for Q&A. Questions are posed in writing – the webinar has a facility for you to enter these whenever you like during the session.

Do I need special software?

No. Our webinars should not require you to download anything. Once you have paid for a webinar, you will be sent a link to attend. Click the link just before the start – it is as simple as that.

How do I listen?

The best quality sound is obtained using your computer’s built-in audio. You may choose to use a USB headset.

Note: You may notice that your sound shows as being “MUTED” – this only refers to your inability to speak and not your ability to listen.

Many of our webinars also offer the ability for you to phone in. This provides an alternative in case you run into technical issues with your computer audio.

If you join a webinar 10 or 15 minutes ahead of time there are provisions for you to test the sound before we start, but sound problems are rare. If you can get sound out of your computer normally (e.g. with a YouTube clip) you should be fine with our webinars.

Do you use webcams?

No. Very few of us look good on a webcam! Come as you are.

Can I purchase a recording of a webinar?

We record all of our webinars. They are available for sale shortly after the live webinar is completed. The price is the same as live sessions. The link to the recording will expire after 30 days.

What if I can't make the live webinar?

If you can’t make it to the live webinar, our webinars are recorded. After we edit and process the recording, we will send you a link within 24 hours of the live webinar so that you can watch the recording. This link is valid for 7 days.

How early should I arrive?

We recommend you join the webinar at least 5 minutes before the webinar begins. We will begin exactly at the advertised time, so arrive early so you don’t miss anything.

When will I receive the slides from the webinar?

We will send you an email containing the handouts a day before the webinar. Handouts are also available to download during the session using the GoToWebinar control panel.

Can I give feedback?

Yes please! Feedback is requested automatically as you leave a live webinar. It is incredibly valuable to us. We want to know what you liked or didn’t like so that we can improve what we do for you

I couldn’t watch the webinar, can I still get a certificate?

We only issue certificates to those who have attended one of our live webinars.

A Fair Share!

At PepTalks we believe in treating copyrighted material with respect. As such, all of our presenters are responsible for ensuring that they do not infringe copyright with the material that they present. If you believe one of our presenters has infringed copyright please let us know immediately. For our part we will:

  • Suspend the webinar from sale immediately
  • Inform the presenter of your complaint
  • Investigate the alleged copyright infringement
  • Inform both complainant and presenter of the investigation outcome and either:
    > return the webinar for sale (if the infringement was not found to be valid) or
    >  remove the webinar from sale permanently (if the infringement complaint is upheld)
  • PepTalks will cease using presenters who infringe copyright on more than one occasion

If you have a concern over the material in one of our webinars please tell us by clicking here

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