Mental Illness in Primary School Children (On Demand)


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60 minutes

Presented by:

Michael Hempseed

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Many of the traditional signs and symptoms that we use identify mental illness are only found in adults. Often when children develop mental illness, it presents itself in behavioural problems, such as aggression, running away and acting out.

Some adults do not think that young children can develop mental illness, the latest research says that children can and there are high rates of mental illness even in young children.

Many of the traditional forms of counselling are ineffective for children, this webinar will look at other options.

What you'll learn

Understanding what is normal childhood behaviour and what are signs of mental illness.

Understanding why children display mental illness very differently than adults.

How to approach the family of a child with suspected mental illness.

Target audience

Anyone who works with primary school children, this webinar will also be helpful for those working with older students with learning or developmental disabilities. 

Featured review

Michael is a passionate and engaging facilitator with a strong mental health research background who offers many helpful insights and a hopeful message. Anna Chirnside, Canterbury Youth Workers Collective

Originally broadcast on

17 September 2019


Michael Hempseed

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