Preventing suicide in New Zealand schools (On Demand)


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Presented by:

Michael Hempseed

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Rates of suicide are increasing in New Zealand. Suicide can be a scary and intimidating topic for many teachers and staff who work in schools. This webinar will empower anyone who works at a school to have a much better understanding of the causes of suicide, how to help someone who is suicidal and how to refer someone to expert help when it is required.
The webinar will look at several causes of suicide including, depression, childhood trauma, failure, sleep deprivation and the contagion effect. It is based on the latest scientific research in this field, there will be new information for all attendees.

What you'll learn

Attendees will have a greater understanding of the current trends in suicide prevention.

Attendees will gain confidence and knowledge about how to identify signs of suicide and how to approach someone who is suicidal.

Attendees will know how to help someone in a bad situation.

Target audience

Anyone who works with young people. There is a mixture of basic and advanced knowledge.

Featured review

Michael is a passionate and engaging facilitator with a strong mental health research background who offers many helpful insights and a hopeful message. Anna Chirnside, Canterbury Youth Workers Collective

Originally broadcast on

9 September 2019


Michael Hempseed

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