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Presented by:

Mark Treadwell

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The role of schooling is to prepare learners for the complexity of the world we all now live in. We can now access knowledge in an instant, and as a result, reading, writing and arithmetic are no longer the only fundamental skill sets for the 21st century! Gone are the days of the simplistic learning process of Reading-Remembering-Recalling as this has now been replaced by a far more complex learning process, that enables learners to learn anything, anytime, anywhere with an end point of innovation, ingenuity and entrepreneurial-ism!

In this webinar Mark will unpack the Learning Process over a series of developmental stages, as learners progress through their school years. By understanding and being able to apply the learning process at a level they can understand, learners can take greater ownership of the learning process and leverage that capability to be able to teach their peers using the micro lesson approach. Mark Will introduce the micro-lesson approach to learning enabling learners to learn far more equitably and efficiently.

Self test: Can you describe the learning process and its 9 stages and are your learners able to apply this process?

Each attendee will be provided access to a 230pp digital resource they can leverage to develop this new capacity within their own context.

What you'll learn

1. The very notion of the purpose of school has changed significantly
2. We are all increasingly accessing and creating information in video format as well as via reading and writing
3. The new focus of learning is to develop conceptual understanding, allowing learners to predict unknown contexts 
4. Mark will unpack the learning process across different levels

Target audience

Educators working at all levels now require an understanding of a far more sophisticated learning process that our learners now require to make sense of a far more complex world. 

Originally broadcast on

24 September 2019


Mark Treadwell

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