Helping my students understand and drive their own learning goals – How do I get there? (On Demand)


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Bek Galloway

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Teachers everywhere are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of students having ownership over their learning. We know that students weaving their own path through the curriculum and creating and using their own learning goals is well worth the effort, as it increases both engagement and achievement and gives students vital skills to learn how to learn. However if we want them to have this degree of agency and ownership in their learning, we have to make it very clear what it is we’re expecting them to own and be agents of. This means we need to ‘Make Learning Visible’ for all our students and this is no easy feat given the complexity and depth of the curriculum - particularly in the area of literacy. But what is it we need to make visible to students? How do we get them to the point of understanding learning well enough to create their own goals and plan their own pathway to build both their strengths and weaknesses? This webinar will address these key questions and you will come away with practical ideas and examples for making it happen in your space.

What you'll learn

Key learning outcomes for this webinar are:

1. How do I make the curriculum clear and learning visible to students from early Level 1 right through to Level 4 and 5?

2. What practical ideas and strategies work to help students understand what their goals are and why?

3. What do I need to do to involve my students in planning to meet their identified goals

Target audience

Primary Teachers, Y0-8; Primary Principals; Primary Leaders

Originally broadcast on

4 November 2019


Bek Galloway

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