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Bek Galloway

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Empowering learners with agency puts them at the centre of their own learning.  It moves them from being passive recipients of learning, towards having the skills, tools & dispositions to actively drive their own learning in a world of constant change.  Yet even though this is something we all strive for as teachers, it’s not an easy road as it requires a significant shift in both our mindset and our practice.  But it’s much easier if we have a clearer understanding of the steps we can take to increase learner agency.  Then we can choose our own starting point and know exactly what we need to do, to get to the next level with our students.  It’s also very helpful to know a range of practical tools, tips & techniques to manage increasing agency so that it works for the diverse range of learners in your space and so you can avoid some of the common problems teachers encounter throughout their agency journey.  And that’s exactly what this webinar is all about!  Highly practical with real classroom examples, you will come away with lots of ideas to try out with your learners.

What you'll learn

Attendees will learn the following:

1. What steps can I take to increase learner agency in my space?

2. Where and how can I start?

3. What practical tools, tips & techniques are there to manage it in a way that works for all my learners?

4. What can I do to avoid some common problems in the agency journey?

Target audience

Primary Teachers, Y0-8; Primary Principals; Primary Leaders

Originally broadcast on

21 October 2019


Bek Galloway

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