A survival guide for teachers – Bullying at Work (On Demand)


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Presented by:

Michael Hempseed

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We focus a lot on preventing students from bullying each other, but what about preventing bullying among staff? Bullying does not just happen to students it can happen to and between staff. Students can even bully teachers.

Bullying has been shown to have a devastating effect on our well-being and mental health. Workplaces are required by law to provide a safe environment for everyone who is on site.

Bullying is unacceptable, if it is happening to you there are ways to stop it.

This webinar will cover bullying form other teachers, school leadership, office staff, students and parents.

What you'll learn

What is “having a laugh,” cultural differences, constructive feedback and what is bullying?

What are the different types of bullying from, belittling, gossip, exclusion and many others?

How does bullying affect our mental health and well-being?

What does research say are the most effective strategies for managing bullying?

What practical steps can you take if you are being bullied?

What options do you have if a school does not listen to you?

Target audience


Originally broadcast on

27 July 2020


Michael Hempseed

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