Mental illness in young people – Diving deeper (On Demand)


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60 minutes

Presented by:

Michael Hempseed

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Pep talks recently ran a webinar on mental illness in primary school children, we had lots of requests for a follow up session that looks at these issues in more depth. 

Many teachers are seeing students who present with complex and challenges needs around distress and mental illness. These situations are often exceptionally difficult to manage.

This webinar will cover…

Learn about how the sense of smell is our only sense that is connected to the fear centre of the brain and what this may mean for child anxiety.

What can be done about head banging, hair pulling and other problematic behaviours?

What can teachers do when they feel overwhelmed by this?

What can you do when saying “just breathe” doesn’t work?

What can be done to support other students who may be affected by these behaviours?

How can you talk to the parents of caregivers about what is going on?

What you'll learn

  • Understanding what is normal childhood behaviour and what are signs of mental illness.
  • Understanding why children display mental illness very differently than adults.
  • How to approach the family of a child with suspected mental illness.

Target audience

All teachers and staff at schools.

Originally broadcast on

10 June 2020


Michael Hempseed

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