Sensory Friendly classrooms for learners with Autism (On Demand)


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60 minutes

Presented by:

Megan King

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Learn how to adapt your classroom, and your teaching practice to be ‘sensory friendly’ so that you can ensure that all the learners in your classroom are present, participating, engaged and learning.

This webinar will help you to identify learners who may be having challenges with processing sensory information, and the relevant things you can do to adapt the learning environment.

You will learn about the eight (yes eight!) senses we have, their function, and different exercises and activities that feed into different sensory needs.

What you'll learn

Understanding sensory issues.

Target audience

All teachers or anyone in a supporting role in education (Teacher’s assistants, Learning Support Coordinators, SENCOs, School Counsellors, Deans or Heads of Department).

Anyone who wants to be a leader in making their classroom an inclusive learning space.

Featured review

I have always found the presenters at Children's Autism Foundation equipped with a wealth of knowledge especially with the needs of ASD being so complex and diverse. I feel the skills and strategies I have picked up have helped with all learners in the classroom and made a difference to those especially needing the extra support. These are definitely workshops that I look forward to attending and encourage others to do so too.

Emma (Primary Teacher) March 2020

Originally broadcast on

30 June 2020


Megan King

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