Raising Resilient Children (On Demand)


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60 minutes

Presented by:

Kathryn Berkett

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What we can do – as parents and community – to help!

We use the word resilience all the time, we want it for ourselves and for our children. But what does it actually look like? And how do we develop it?

Understanding the neuroscience of how resilience develops, will help us recognise what we can do in our everyday lives and interactions, to increase resilience in our communities. This session will help you understand, in a simple yet sufficient way, how we can build resilience.

The beauty of this session is that you can take the information and immediately apply it to your world. Reports of ‘you have changed our household’ and ‘I get it now’ are very common feedbacks from those who attend this session. Come along and hear how it can help you too.

What you'll learn

  • What resilience ‘looks like’
  • What can impact the development of resilience
  • How we build resilience in ourselves and others

Target audience



Featured review

Excellent presentation, loved the examples, easy to understand. Have heard some of the info many times before however the way you explained things CLICKED for me!

Parent, Whangarei


Kathryn Berkett

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