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Anjela Webster

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Wellbeing, safety and confidence in the online space couldn’t be more important than right now.

Many children and teens are online spending greater amounts of time connecting, playing, learning, creating, and engaging with a big open online world. And, it’s not without challenges and risks. We know new scams have emerged during this lockdown period, and grooming and predatory behaviour have increased.

It’s important we understand their world online (NZ context), and implement ways to support the safety and wellbeing of every student if we’re requiring them to learn in this space and on digital devices.

Fortunately, it’s not a huge step to make a great difference. Schools will already have in place the frameworks and approaches that lend well to embedding online citizenship and safety concepts, knowledge and skills.

This presentation explores what’s needed, and offers ways to think about implementation. Also, some great resources and schools’ examples are shared.

What you'll learn

  • What we know about NZ children and young people, and current online challenges;
  • How we can embed concepts of digital citizenship, wellbeing and safety into our learning;
  • How we can give agency to students in developing a positive ‘online’ culture at school and home;
  • What recommended resources are available to us;
  • Ways we can engage our Whānau and families in supporting their young people around online safety.


  • New understandings and ideas for implementing learning
  • An overview of key concepts and information, with links to key sites and resources
  • A comprehensive list of awesome online resources around Digital Citizenship and safety online
  • A personal checklist to consider the safe use of sites and apps used in the learning landscape

Target audience


Featured review

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for your impressive presentation this afternoon. It was extremely well received and I had a number of staff approach me after you’d gone with ideas about our collective responsibility. You definitely challenged people’s thinking in a great way - today was brilliant motivation for us all.


Ange was a fantastic presenter. She was knowledgeable, organised, showed humour and was easy to listen to. Her presentation was fluent and moved through the different aspects in a logical sequence.

Kirsty Duff HOD Curriculum Iona College

Originally broadcast on

16 April 2020


Anjela Webster

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