The Neuroscience of Stress – Helping us manage (On Demand)


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60 minutes

Presented by:

Kathryn Berkett

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With everything happening in the world now, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and be full of anxiety and worry. 

Understanding how the brain and body interact, especially when it comes to promoting survival, is essential if we want to manage stress. Through learning the mechanisms that ignite our physiological systems, we can become more able to avoid ignition and also repair if it does happen.
This session will deliver neurobiological information in a way that is easy to understand, retain and implement.
Managing stress is a particularly important subject in the current climate. Join us so you can have more awareness of your own stress and that of others.

What you'll learn

  • What activates stress
  • What this activation does to our brain and body
  • What we can do to avoid activation, and assist repair

Target audience


Featured review

Hi Kathryn
Your days here were amazing, even life changing for many attendees, the feedback has been awesome. Your ability to give people a common shared language about a very complex and important topic was so valuable. Their aha moments successfully occurred where our similar message had failed so well done on a brilliant performance. Thank you so much.

Originally broadcast on

9 April 2020


Kathryn Berkett

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