Hopefulness in times of crisis (On Demand)


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Michael Hempseed

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With everything happening in the world now, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and be full of anxiety and worry. 

It does not need to be this way, if we can fill our lives with stories of hopefulness then we can manage much or the worry that we have.

An example of hopefulness is that we eradicated Smallpox in 1979 from the world. By finding examples where individuals and humanity overcame incredible odds we can build genuine hopefulness into our lives.

When we have learned this, we can teach others this skill.

What you'll learn

Discover how real hopefulness can dramatically change our outlook in the current climate of fear and worry.

Discover how to find examples of hopefulness when most of the news we hear is hopeless.

Target audience


Featured review

"Department of Corrections staff highly valued Michael's entertaining and thought-provoking session focusing on stress, sleep and overcoming a fear of failure. His content was fresh and tailored to our unique environment. The research provided new found knowledge and unexpected discoveries leaving staff feeling informed and invigorated."
Elaine Colhoun, Principal Case Manager/Advisor Rehabilitation & Learning


Michael Hempseed

Originally broadcast on

2 April 2020

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