Coronavirus – worry, distress and anxiety (On Demand)


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Michael Hempseed

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Research shows that rates of anxiety among parents, teachers and students was already exceptionally high before the outbreak of Coronavirus, now it is even higher for many.

Anxiety and worry are emotional states that can be changed. This webinar will show you effective, evidence-based strategies to manage distressing feelings. Often people who feel distressed are told to just breathe, this webinar will look far beyond that.

We will look at what teachers can and should manage themselves and when they need to seek outside help from a health professional.

This webinar will also help teachers and parents who may be feeling anxious or distressed about what is happening in the world. Often, teachers spend a lot of time helping their students, but sometimes they need to stop and look after themselves as well.

Please be aware this is a rapidly changing situation. We will bring you the latest information, even if it is not listed in the advertising.

In the event of school closures this can still be accessed from home.

What you'll learn

  • Learn practical strategies to manage distress and worry.
  • Learn ways to help parents who are also distressed by the situation.
  • Identify when a young person needs support from a health provider.

Target audience

Anyone working with young people.

Featured review

Very pertinent for what we are facing today - all of us! Very helpful and thought--provoking. Fantastic that I can share with staff who missed it and my family too. Thank-you. Pam


Michael Hempseed

Originally broadcast on

26 March 2020

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