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Presented by:

Rob Gamboolati

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Does physical education in your classroom or school revolve around whole school swimming sports, athletics days, school wide cross country, or any other inter-school competition? While those events seem to be a staple in most NZ primary schools, how well are they providing students with the joy, appreciation, and positive socialisation that movement and physical activity can so often create in young people?

Using the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) as a guide, let’s explore how physical education can provide valuable learning opportunities for all of the students in your class rather than the fortunate few who represent the school in inter-school sport or bring greater experience to the lesson from their club involvement outside of school.

Losing the physical barriers provided by most classrooms creates a difficult learning environment for many teachers. Being out on a field or court requires a slightly different style of teaching. Reverting to a militaristic, drill sergeant style may create a difficult environment for both the students and the teacher. Let’s explore how your effective pedagogies in the physical classroom can be carried outside onto the fields and courts allowing students to direct their own learning without feeling like you have lost complete control of the class.

What you'll learn

  • Create a strong understanding for the purpose and value of physical education in primary schools
  • Increase awareness of how to provide valuable learning activities for all students in your class
  • Develop strategies for using the same pedagogies or teaching techniques inside the classroom and outside

Target audience

Any teacher of young people who is responsible for delivering physical education and does not have a background as a specialist in this learning area

Originally broadcast on

15 June 2020


Rob Gamboolati

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