Maths trauma – It’s not your fault


27 May


1 hour
03:30 PM NZST till 04:30 PM NZST

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Your heart races, your mind goes blank, you feel sick – these are symptoms of maths trauma. Upsetting experiences when learning mathematics can cause people to experience symptoms for the rest of their life. One third of primary teachers have been found to have experienced maths trauma – and it is NOT their fault. In this workshop, Dr Nic will explain the symptoms and causes of maths trauma and provide ways for teachers to deal with their own trauma and avoid passing it on to their learners. The single step of recognising and owning your trauma can be pivotal.

What you'll learn

  • You will recognise the symptoms of maths trauma in yourselves and others.
  • You will learn techniques to help overcome the effects of maths trauma.
  • You will know how to reduce potential maths trauma in your learners.

Target Audience

This is especially aimed at primary and intermediate teachers who feel less confident in teaching mathematics as a result of their own experiences with mathematics.

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Featured review

I can definitely identify with what you were saying about Maths trauma (I never knew this was actually a thing!!) I have been working super hard over the last couple of years to improve my skills in teaching maths as well as my actual content knowledge and I really enjoyed today. You are inspirational!
Sarah – Intermediate teacher


Dr Nicola Petty

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