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60 minutes

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Sterling Cathman (aka "Mr Science")

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Science Magic in the Classroom!

Physical vs Chemical reactions, cross curricular, multi-level.

This webinar will provide the teacher with ideas and experiments to use in the classroom, designed to inspire teachers to integrate science into a busy curriculum. Watch today and you will be doing science with your class tomorrow!
This presentation will include physical and chemical properties, grouping materials, everyday chemical reactions, observed changes, evidence of reactions and more.

What you'll learn

  • Identify chemical and physical reactions
  • Grouping materials, attributes
  • How to make observations

Target audience

Principals, Primary Teachers, RTLB

Featured review

Great that it was hands on
It was inclusive, all students were involved.
Great that it ignited our programs for the term.
Very confident in the teaching.
Kits were very helpful and do able.
Teachers and students inspired.
Just outstanding!
Yr 8 teacher

Originally broadcast on

20 February 2020


Sterling Cathman (aka "Mr Science")

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